Dimitrina Sevova, Swiss-based Bulgarian artist. Holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts ZHdK, Zurich, a MAS Curating from the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts of ZHdK, and a Master of Fine Arts from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, in the painting class of Prof. Andrey Daniel. As a young artist in Bulgaria, despite her beginnings as a painter, she represented a new generation of artists working with new media art, video and installation art, exhibiting locally and internationally. After some years dedicated to independent curatorial practices and projects, she reclaimed her artist studio practices, with a primary focus on sculpture and installation art.


Artist statement

Dimitrina Sevova’s primary interest is in the different states of clay, its fragility, and how it takes concrete and embodied forms from handmade or cast ceramic or porcelain objects and vessels to sculptures of unfired clay. Like in alchemy, working with this material needs a mutual affinity in which creativity and the plasticity and resistance inherent to the material incorporate chance and process in her work. They are displayed in various re-configurations, assemblages and installations of site-specific and contextual orientation, in which the artist employs in addition various media, from found objects, photography or video to space and time informed by play, game and technological dispositives. The artist draws on scientific realism with its objective reality, which in her works is translated through imagination into the objects’ performative, subjective, and spatial states. They navigate between two systems, on the one hand, the representational models and figurative illusions and fiction, and on the other, the abstract, immaterial, invisible and performative qualities of matter and reality itself, scaling between micro and macro, capturing a mysterious manifestation of natural and technological magic in the dark underscore of poetic ecologies.